Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gordon Ramsay

I caught Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on Foxtel while in Melbourne visiting GL and i found him extremely entertaining.
The show actually brought to light several issues commonly faced by restaurant ownerss and how Gordon would try his best to fix them.
I wrote in to Discovery Travel & Living asking them of the possibility of screening this program in Singapore. To date, they have not responded.BUT, i did find his book, Kitchen Heaven at Borders when i was there on Saturday. That made my weekend!
While I sat and waited for my cousin at Ya Kun kopitiam, i started reading the book and occasionally laughing to myself at what he wrote about his horrid experiences at the various restaurants he consulted at.
It's no wonder people sitting around me were giving me strange stares!


Blogger Lil Al said...

Gordon Ramsay is simply brilliant! He cracks me up big time with his rude abuse. Welcome to UK's television; the land of reality cooking shows. If you like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen nightmare, you might enjoy Hell's kitchen. Look out for it.

And ofcos, if you do swing by London, we can alwis head to Gordon Ramsey @ Claridges for lunch for 35 quid. Pretty cheap huh! Thats the price you pay for lunch @ his michellin star restauntant when Gordon Ramsey is out of town.. *wink*

Anyway, the recipe for the pork belly made me miss everyone so much. Esp the old shophouse, the barber chair that gong gong used to sit in to read his papers, the wild field that we used to play catching, badminton and masak masak in when we were young. Miss those days.. oh well..

Oh ya? How can u forgot grandma's new year sweet dessert? The one with red dates and logan? Can ask ur mom for the recipe? I feel like having it.

Thks cuz!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Skrat said...

Hey Lil al,

you are right indeed...those days when we ran around the back yard of the Upper Serangoon shophouse.....i also remember us hanging out at the back yard and playing with lighted sparklers! Didnt like being chased by those fat cockroaches though!

Anyways, with regards to the Gingko and Lotus Seed with Red Dates Soup, i got the recipe. Will put it in too! Thanks for the reminder!

If you have any other recipes, please feel free to share too!

9:41 PM  

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