Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Little about me....

As a kid, i had very few indulgences, partly due to my conservative upbringing by my parents.
But there are a few things in my family we did indulged in; sit down home-cooked dinners and good alcohol in the company of friends and extended family!My first experience with alcohol was when i was 8 or 9 years old, i sneaked into the kitchen while mum was watching tv, and took several sneaky sips from her can of Anchor beer she left out, leaving her with half a can at the end of the evening!
I never liked being dragged into the kitchen by my mum to assist her in the kitchen. I used to pretend i was doing my homework just to avoid being called in to be her little kitchen assistant. However, if not for my mum's "forced" training in the kitchen, i would not have developed this passion for cooking and a palate to appreciate food.It was not long before i had to leave home and study down under in sunny Brisbane. Life was good in college where lodging AND food were provided.
But i got bored of the food in college. I moved out and had my own kitchen and i embarked on my culinary adventures! And i loved it!

I even offered to cook for my flatmates and i would use them as my food critics to further improve on my culinary skills. Dinner parties were regularly hosted at my place over wine and awesome conversations.

That's when i knew i inherited my mum's passion for cooking.

At this point, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, My mum’s a wonderful cook herself and she continues to inspire me in more ways than one!


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