Sunday, July 31, 2005

My Mum the chef!

My mother never really knew how to cook till she got married. Her culinary skills is all somewhat self-taught, through buying loads of cook books, watching "Fang Tai" on TV cooking up a storm on Channel 8 and of course, she loved watching "Yan can cook".

She was a very strict mother in terms of the kind of food we ate at home. There were no snacks allowed in the house, no soft drinks, fast food (such as KFC) maybe once a month all because she wanted to make sure we were not unhealthy and had any obesity problems. She believed in having home cooked food and usually insist on us coming home for dinner everyday of the week.

Our dinners will always have a few standard items; 1 green veggie dish, 1 meat dish, 1 seafood dish, soup and rice. That's when the 4 of us are eating together at home. What i love most is the soup. To me, soup is my comfort food. There is something so sensational and satisfying when you sip down hot soup when you are feeling under the weather. That would also explain my love for soup noodles. Wherever i am, if there is an opportunity for soup noodles, i will surely order it! Last December, GL and i were in Phuket for a holiday and staying at the Novotel. At breakfast, he would be loading up on his bacon, eggs, sausages and toasts and me, i went straight for the Thai noodles soup! He cant believe that i am still eating noodles soup even when i am in a foreign country! My arguement was, it's THAI noodles!

In this blog, i will be documenting some of the dishes my mother created which are my favourite. A few of my mother's signature dishes are:
- Chicken Rice
- Roasted chicken with Dark Soy and Honey
- Hokkien Noodles
- Stew Pork Throtters in dark soy sauce
- Braised Duck in chinese spices
- Home-made Soya Bean Milk

the list goes many dishes i love that i cant quite recall right now.

Chicken Rice (Mummy's style)

1 whole chicken (medium sized; marinate in salt overnight)
chopped garlic
ginger; sliced thinly
2 cups rice; rinse and drain well

Add oil to a wok, stir-fry the ginger till fragrant followed by garlic till its slightly golden brown
Add in rice, stir fry till the rice is starting to brown as well.
Remove from heat and scoop rice into a rice-cooker (medium size electronic rice cooker). Add in about 2 cups water (make sure you use the same size cup as the one you used to measure the rice).
Place chicken over a metal stand placed over the rice in the rice cooker. The idea is for the chicken to be steamed and the chicken oils and juices to naturally drip over the rice.
Shut the lid of the rice cooker and allow it to cook like you would usually cook rice.
When the timer pops to "keep warm" mode, do not open immediately. Allow chicken to continue steaming for another 15-20minutes before serving.

This may not be the authentic Hainanese Wen Chang chicken, but this is mother's easy-peasy method to preparing your very own chicken rice that taste almost like Wee Nam Kee's or Boon Tong Kee's chicken rice! Yum...!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The chicken rice I've learnt from is my ex bf's mum. Here goes...

Whole Chicken
1 Panda Leave
Chicken Fats
Chicken Stock

Cooking Method:
1) Fry Chicken Fats, Ginger, Garlic and shallot till fragrant.
2) Add rice (washed) and fry for awhile.
3) Pour everything into a rice cooker with sufficient chicken stock (argaration :P), add pandan leave and place chicken on top.
4) Cooked till chicken & rice are cooked.


12:54 AM  
Blogger Skrat said...

Hey Rach,

thanks for sharing babe! Its slightly different but im sure its much nicer with the chicken fats! My mother, being the health nut, usually trims the fats and throw them out!

I will try this recipe out and share my comments.

Hey, btw your mum is an awesome cook too just by eating with your family at least twice from memory! Any good Cantonese recipes to share? :)

9:48 PM  

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