Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Appetisers: Maguro and Scallops

One of the ways i destress from a long and tiring day at work is to tune in to Discovery Travel & Living, especially the gourmet programmes. My current favourite is Made to Order where their creativity is stretched to the max when guests walk into their restaurant requesting for a particular menu for a special party or business meeting/dinner or even a wedding proposal. The way they make simple items look fabulously delicious is truely amazing! Check out their long list of Recipes that they have prepared and served during each episode.

I get even more inspired when I visit a restaurant whose chef actually makes the effort to present the items on a beautiful platter with simple garnishes that actually makes the items on the plate look even more fabulous! The last restaurant i remember GL and I went for a celebration dinner was to Taxi Restaurant at the Transport Hotel, Melbourne.

So, this is my humble attempt to create something simple that taste good and looks beautiful as well.

Seared Maguro marinated in Soy and Sesame Oil


Fresh Maguro (Tuna) Fillet
Chinese or Japanese Light Soy
Black pepper
Olive Oil
Seasame Oil


Heat pan and add in Olive oil and few dashes of sesame
Sear Tuna for approx 20 seconds each side or until you see that the tuna is just starting to cook through. Idea is to ensure that the tuna is still rare in the center as thats the best way to eat tuna.
Slice the tuna and garnish with chopped chives.

Pan-Fried Scallops with herbs served on a bed of Asparagus


Fresh scallops; marinated with fresh chopped Marjoram, sea salt and ground black pepper
Olive oil
Fresh Asparagus; only the top bits required as it is the softest portion. Blanched in boiling water

Score the scallops (criss-crossed)
Heat pan and add in olive oil. When olive oil is heated, add in about 2 tsp of butter.
When butter is just beginning to brown, add in scallops and pan fry them till slightly brown on both sides.
Remove from pan and set aside.
Using the same pan, no need for extra oil, throw in blanched asparagus and toss it around the pan to lightly glaze it. Remove from pan and set aside.
For the sauce, using the same pan, over low heat, add just a few drops of olive oil then squeeze in half a lemon and allow it to simmer for 1 min.
To serve, line up about 4 sticks of asparagus and place scallops on top. With the sauce that's made, add in a tsp of the sauce over the scallops. Because the scallops have been scored, this also ensures that the sauce will sit nicely within the grooves without messing up the serving plate.


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