Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I dreamt of.....

Just a while ago, I was telling GL that I dreamt of Cheese on Toast! I think that one should seriously worry when you actually dream of food and worse if you continue to dream about it. Well i am guessing its cos i have very fond memories of cheese and how it strangely entered my life only 6 years ago and i have honestly grown to love it!

While living in Australia, i basically ate and lived like how the Aussies would (hence the weight difference during my first year there). Coming from a traditional chinese family, my parents never had a habit to consume cheese in our daily diet, apart from the processed sliced cheddar. Living in Australia opened my eyes to the world of cheese. There were so many types of cheeses its actually rather over-whelming.

I remember coming home from school/work and usually would be starving by then. The first thing i would do is to crack open a bottle of red, out comes my block of brie and i would be having it as a snack with my flatmates and it went down beautifully with a good glass of wine!! Its the most sensational after-taste i get that i crave almost everyday!

To put things in perspective, i guess the message in my dream; its time to stock up my fridge on more cheese and wine!!


Anonymous Chefdoc said...

Your blog is off to such a wonderful start! Well done. BTW, my wife is also a huge fan of cheese toast. I am a big fan of duck and plan on trying your braised duck when I can find some Unagi Sauce. Thanks.

10:08 AM  
Blogger Skrat said...

Hey Chefdoc,

thanks for the vote of confidence! I truely enjoy cooking, entertaining and sharing my recipes with everyone. It's my mum's birthday today and its yet another excuse for me to cook! Will post the recipes up soon. :)

1:39 PM  

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