Saturday, August 06, 2005

Just for you Lil al!

Hey Lil al,

i know it must be hard being away from home and missing some yummy food in Singapore. Well, here it is, as requested just for you.

Gingko Nut in Longan and Red Dates Tea

Gingko Nuts
Red Dates
Dried longans

According to my mother, the hardest part to this recipe is the preparation of the gingko nuts.
First, crack the shell and remove nut.
Peel off brown layer of skin from nut.
Remove the green root at the sharp end of the nut as this makes the gingko bitter and spoils the taste. The trick to removing the green root without cutting the nut into half is by using a toothpick to somewhat dig it out.
Put about half a pot of water to the boil and add in about 1 cup of sugar. When boiling, add in gingko nut and cook till gingko is slightly golden in colour. This is an extra step to enhance the flavour of the nut itself, if you prefer a sweeter taste.
For the tea, in proportion to the water, add in desired amount of red dates and longan. When water comes to a boil, partial cover the pot and allow tea to simmer for about 40min. Taste and add sugar to desired sweetness.


Blogger Lil Al said...

thks. will try it once i've got the time.

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