Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Roast Lamb with Rosemary and Pesto

To tell you the truth, i owe it to the Green Lantern who taught me how to make a roast without over-cooking it. It is one of his favourite dishes he makes at his usual dinner parties. He is actually another nut for cooking and loves entertaining!

So here's the recipe:


1.3kg Lamb Leg **(boneless)
Sea Salt
Ground Black Pepper
Fresh Rosemary
Olive oil
Pesto (i use the bottled ones, easy)

Marinate the meat with olive oil, sea salt, rosemary, black pepper for at least 6 hours. When marinating roasts, make sure you cling wrap meat entirely to prevent the meat from drying out.
Pre-heat over to 180 degrees C.
Remove lamb from fridge and let it sit in room temperature for a bit before roasting.
Place it on roasting pan or pyrex dish and apply generous amounts of Pesto over the top.
Roast in oven for 20min.
After 20min, turn lamb over other side, apply pesto as well and roast for another 20min.
General guide for roasting time: 15min every 500g at 180 degrees C for medium rare. (The way I like it. Bear in mind that roasts cooks from the corners in and usually the ends are more cooked than the middle. If you have more guests who like their meat medium then roast it in there for another 7-9min.
Once roast is done, cover with aluminium foil and allow meat to rest in room temperature for a bit before carving.

** I got the lamb from the Swiss Butchery located along Greenwood Avenue (turn in from Hillcrest Road). I was amazed at the number of people that were in there and the amount of meats they sell and the variety as well. In Singapore, I would say they are pretty serious about their meats!

But nothing beats buying fresh produce in Australia!

I was at the Melbourne Prahran Market and I have never seen red meats this fresh and of such a vibrant red colour! I was in awe of the tall stacks of Beef Fillets, Rib-eye, Sirloin, Lamb cutlets, T-Bone etc....and the leg of lamb!!! I was so captivated by the meats there that I stood in front one of the butcher for a good 5 min before i placed my order!

Sadly, we (Singaporeans) belong to the poor deprived city slickers who are not used to seeing this many pieces of red meat just dying to be bought back home for a good roasting! So if anyone asks me what i miss most about moving back from Australia, it would most definitely be the fresh produce which we cant get (of the same freshness, variety and quality) in Singapore! :(


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