Saturday, September 24, 2005

Roast Chicken with Soy & Honey

It has been a truly busy 2 weeks, filled with events and parties involving endless supply of wines and martinis. Having said that, i never complain when good alcohol is in abundance combined with awesome company! Although i do miss hanging out in my kitchen and trying my hand at recipes i find ever so tempting.

It was Koko's hubby's farewell today and yes, another pot luck party at an apartment along Pasir Panjang road that faces the sentosa island. The breeze was blowing, the view was absolutely captivating!

I decided to prepare 2 chicken dishes. One of which is a recipe i previously posted as one of my all-time favourite roast chicken dish and another, a baked chicken dish using the most expensive spice in the world...Saffron. I wanted to find out for myself what the appeal and hype is all about towards this amazingly fragrant spice.It's wonderfully floral aromas and flavour enhanced the taste of the chicken.

Roast Chicken with Dark Soy and Honey

1 whole chicken
McCormick's Spicy Season
All Five Spices SALT (see pic)
Dark soy Sauce
2 tbsp Honey

Wash and cut chicken into a half just on one side (through the breast bone) and spread chicken out on roasting pan.
Pour dark soy sauce over chicken to give the chicken a nice dark colour. Marinate with McCormick's Spicy Season All and Five Spices Salt both inside and outside the chicken not too much as it may become too salty. Cling wrap and allow it to marinate overnight. (very important!)
Pre-heat over to 180 degrees celcius.
Before roasting, baste the chicken with marinade then into the oven it goes for about 35-45min (depending on how hot your oven is) or when it starts getting slightly burnt on the skin. (thats the charm about roasting this chicken...does not taste good if it aint slightly charred on the skin!!!) 5 min before the chicken is ready, remove from oven.
Brush generous amounts of honey over the entire chicken.
Put it back into the oven for another 5min. This gives the chicken skin a nice crispy taste to it!
I guarantee an absolute charmer at any pot luck party you host or attend!


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