Saturday, October 01, 2005

I was speechless.....

With such a big week I am now glad is over, i knew i have been neglecting a few "To Dos"...apart from the usual deadlines for bills, hiring a cleaner for my house, hunting down more cookbooks...something was still amis....what is it?? I know the memory is the first thing to go but damn, not that fast??!!

After i stumbled upon a blog that mentioned lobster, i suddenly remembered.....i was supposed to post about my wonderful dinner I had at San Marco Restaurant at the Fullerton Hotel (previously was occupied by The Lighthouse restaurant).

The latest addition to the group, the dynamic duo (whom i have a lot of respect for), Emmanuel Stroobant and Edina Hong , San Marco is another alternative for Saint Pierre fans who prefer a more italian menu. This visit marks only my 2nd time there and i ordered from their new menu, the Pan fried foie gras with shredded duck confit poached apricot in clear duck consommé and organic autumn vegetable parisienne as Entrees and the Roasted whole lobster with caramelised rock melon, haricot beans, barolo vinegar, fava beans and barley scented roe reduction as my Main.

I love Foie gras (despite the calories but we only live once...heck!) and i was nicely surprised by the way they prepared a consommé. Because the foie gras is on its own very rich and creamy in texture (thus some people dont eat them), the consommé actually lightens the flavour of the foie gras when it gently melts in your mouth while still maintaining the honest taste of foie gras. In terms of creativity in preparation, i was in awe and it will leave you and your palate wanting more, which i thought was unusual after 1 serving of foie gras!

After a refreshing pear sorbet, the highly recommended lobster was served and being a seafood lover, i couldnt wait to dig in and find out what is so good about the lobster that the server was strongly recommending. I took one bite into the crunchy white flesh and it is the most amazing taste that exploded in my mouth.....i let out a gentle "orgasmic" sigh and for a minute, i ignored everything/everyone around me, closed my eyes and savoured the taste and allow my taste buds to indulge me! The combination of caramelised melons and borolo vinegar reduction was simply marvellous! I have never tasted lobster cooked this way and from that point forward, i must admit that i was trying to eat as slow as i can to prolong my pleasure with every bite! I was also guilty of cleaning up every drop of the reduction with my bread....!

I was so satisfied by the lobster that i didnt need or want any desserts....which allowed the taste of my last bite of the lobster to linger on a little further.

I give credit to the awesome job by Emmanuel and his young protégé (only 27 yrs of age i heard), Kelvin Lee who heads the kitchen at San Marco. I had the chance to meet Emmanuel recently and told him how much i enjoyed the lobster and he humbly acknowledged the compliment. He is currently busy filming for a new cooking show that will be aired on Arts Central in December. So, fans out there, watch out for the new 20-part series coming soon!


Blogger Mona said...

Great review! I hear you too on the whole slowing yourself down so it lasts longer! My favorite line at the end of meals is " I wish it wasn't over!" as if I've seen a movie or somethin :)

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