Sunday, April 23, 2006

Confessions of a serial diner!

Looking at the last post i made (dated 27 February 2006), I realised how unbelievably fast time has somehow past and it sent an instant shiver down my spine!

It has been such a spectacular year so far! Met an amazing new group of foodies (better known as Food Nerds by the lovely A; trained chef and gourmand i truly respect & adore!) that has not only allowed me to interact with like-minded nerds but kept my schedules pretty packed up with social get togethers! In addition, having started work with a brand new gourmet magazine late last year; a bulk of my time is now dedicated to attending gourmet events and tastings. At the envy of many, it is great to be able to enjoy food & wines as often as me and the team at work; but like all things, it comes with a price. The shortfalls; well, i have less time at home (to blog) and i definitely have less of an urge to potter around in the kitchen cooking up a storm as all i feel like lately is just a salad. Nothing fancy.

BUT the best part about dining out is to be able to savour the beautiful creations of several talented local or visiting chefs and be inspired and pick up some tricks in terms of taste, menu planning and creativity in plating.

I am feeling terribly guilty for neglecting my blog for almost 2 months now......i used to blog recipes every week!! Guess perhaps from now on, i should start documenting my dining adventures more regularly and document recipes at least once or twice a month desperate attempt to redeem myself right now!

Lots of exciting gourmet events happening in the next week......more updates to come for sure!


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