Sunday, April 23, 2006


Two weeks ago, A and myself decided over drinks on a saturday night that we should do a cook up, to at least get me started again in the kitchen! We decided on a theme and it was to be seafood. Since the both of us love Salmon, it was a Salmon luncheon!

My choice of recipe was one that was cooked for me by a charming aussie bloke years ago and i have kept the recipe since!

Baked Salmon in mapel syrup


3 pieces Salmon Fillets
150ml Mapel Syrup
2 garlic cloves; slightly crushed
1 tbsp Djon mustard
salt & pepper


Mix all ingredients in a baking dish and marinate salmon fillets overnight.
Remove salmon from fridge and baking dish and allow it to sit out in room temperature for about 20min.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees C.
Over high heat, pan-sear salmon fillets 10sec each side.
Place fillets back into baking dish and bake for 5min for a medium rare doners.
Serve either with salad or mash potatoes and asparagus.

The wonderful A made this lovely Valentine's day "food for love" Smoked Salmon recipe which not only impressed me but her food-nerd other half DS. ;)

Forgive me guys, couldn't help myself!


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that salmon looks so good, and simple. will definitely try.

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